Friday 8 May 2015

St. James Infirmary Blues with Eighth Blackbird

An arrangement of the folk song St. James Infirmary Blues performed at Curtis Institute of Music, March 2015.

Eighth Blackbird:
Michael J. Maccaferri, clarinet
Tim Munro, flute
Yvonne Lam, violin
Matthew Duvall, percussion
Lisa Kaplan, piano
Nicholas Photinos, cello

Much of the raw material for this arrangement was transcribed from the recording which appears on GIG 365 : MJWB. This arrangement for Eighth Blackbird would not have been possible without the following musicians who performed on that recording.
Ionita Manole: accordion
Cristinel Turturica: cimbalom
Mielu Bibescu: clarinet
Lucian Stoica: violin
Marius Gore: bass

St. James Infirmary Blues Score (8th Blackbird)
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

St. James Infirmary Blues from GIG 365 : MJWB

Monday 17 June 2013


MJWB - vocals/accordion
Malcolm Morris (AKA Stick's) - bass drum/cymbal
Phillip Armand - snare drum/cymbal
Shane Cox - trumpet
Raynard Hockett - tuba
Ryan Brown - engineer

Recorded at Fudge Recording Studio, NOLA 3.2.2013

Mississippi Score
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only


Damagomi from MJWB on Vimeo.

Damagomi was commissioned by the Silk Road Ensemble.
Audio/Video from Fall 2011 Silk Road Workshop at Harvard University.
New College Theater,  Cambridge, MA. September 26, 2011.

Dong Won Kim - Voice/Jang-go
Kojiro Umezaki - Shakuhachi
Kayhan Kalhor - Kemancheh
Mike Block - Cello
Michael Ward-Bergeman - Accordion
Joseph Gramley - Percussion
Shane Shanahan - Percussion
Haruka Fujii - Percussion

Damagomi Score
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

More information about the commission here : Silk Road Project

Video by Oscar Cainer

Wednesday 17 November 2010


Barbeich was conceived and recorded on multi-tracked hyper-accordion in 2009 and later scored for solo trumpet and mixed ensemble.

Hyper-Accordion version, mixed by Erdem Helvacioglu

Solo trumpet and mixed ensemble demo mixed by Brian McWhorter and recorded by Lance Miller

Score for solo trumpet and mixed ensemble
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

Different interpretations/variations appear here:
More information:  Musical Borrowing Under Scrutiny, NY Times

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Kicking Up Dust

Kicking Up Dust is a concerto for Freedom Boot and ensemble and was written in 2008/09. It was commissioned by the Metropolis Ensemble and premiered on January 28, 2009 at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Featuring percussionist Paul Clifford on Freedom Boot.

Rehearsal recording

World premiere video

Kicking Up Dust from Metropolis Ensemble on Vimeo.

Kicking Up Dust
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

Monday 8 November 2010


Treny was commissioned by the Terezín Chamber Music Foundation as a living memorial to the composers and musicians of the Terezin concentration camp who perished during the Holocaust. More information about TCMF is here. Dedicated to soprano Dawn Upshaw and Edna Kalman. The world premiere was given in Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, NYC on November 2, 2008.

Audio and video from a May 2009 rehearsal/performance at NEC's Jordan Hall.

Rehearsal video excerpt: IX Swymi Piosnkami

Rehearsal video excerpt: XI Zal Ojcowski

Dawn Upshaw - soprano
Gilbert Kalish - piano
Guy Fishman - cello
Laura Heinrichs - flutes
MJWB - hyper-accordion

Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

Carnegie Hall
MusicWeb International

Three Roads

Three Roads was commissioned by Carnegie Hall through the Weill Music Institute. The world premiere was given in Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, NYC on April 14, 2007.

Vocals: Christina Courtin
Flute: Lance Suzuki
Piano: Benjamin Hochman
Hyper-Accordion: Michael Ward-Bergeman
Dobro: Kyle Sanna Double
Bass: Nathan Farrington
Laptop: Jeremy Flower

Three Roads scores
La Verace Via
The Road Not Taken
The Open Road

Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

Harris Theater, Chicago
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Classical Review

Rhythmic Etude

Rhythmic Etude is an early study for hyper-accordion written and recorded in 2000.

Rhythmic Etude
Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only

Face On Mars

Face on Mars was written in 1995 at the Berklee College of Music Music Synthesis Labs. It was realized using the software synthesis language Csound.

Csound Orchestra File
Csound Score File
 Musical score ©Voxumbilical Music
Provided for reference only